Thank you for choosing Sugarlock. Sugarlock was created from a passion for video, life, and a desire to bring a breathtakingly beautiful and simple video interaction experience to all consumers.

This guide is organized into the following sections:

  1. Set-Up
  2. Quick Reference
  3. Accessing Key Features
  4. Advanced Configuration

We hope you will love using Sugarlock just as much as we loved creating it. The rest of this guide walks you through the simple steps that will enable you to do remarkable things with Sugarlock.


Set-up is simple and fun. It takes just a few moments to connect the Sugarlock, download the App, and connect the App to the unit. First, unpack and connect the Sugarlock:

Connecting the Sugarlock

  1. Connect the Sugarlock unit to your HDTV or HDMI monitor using the supplied HDMI cable.
  2. Power the Sugarlock unit using the supplied Power Pack

Now that the Sugarlock is connected, switch the input source on your TV or HDMI monitor to the input you connected to Sugarlock. When you see the initial display on your TV or monitor, you are ready to proceed:

Download the Sugarlock App

The Sugarlock App is free. It is used to control your Sugarlock over Wi-Fi.
Download and install the Sugarlock App from the Apple App Store (iOS) or from the Google Play Store (Android).

Connect the Sugarlock App to Sugarlock

The Sugarlock device acts as a Wi-Fi access point by default. The first step is to set your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings to connect to the Sugarlock network. The Sugarlock network name is displayed in the lower right corner on Sugarlock's main screen on your TV or HDMI monitor.

The Sugarlock network is named "Sugarlock-XXX", where XXX is three digits. In the example screenshot above, the Sugarlock network is named "Sugarlock-038". Configure your mobile device to join the Sugarlock network. There is no password by default.

Connect your mobile device to the Sugarlock Network (iOS shown):

Note that on iOS, a "Security Recommendation" will initially be displayed to advise you against leaving the Wi-Fi password blank. Note also that the Sugarlock Wi-Fi network provides no internet connection. Proceed with the Sugarlock network with blank password for now, and later you can add a password or switch the Sugarlock over to your home Wi-Fi network (recommended) for greater convenience. Instructions on how to do this are detailed below in ADVANCED CONFIGURATION.

Once your phone has joined the Sugarlock network, run the Sugarlock App:

When the Sugarlock App connects to the Sugarlock, it will display "connected to Sugarlock-HD" as depicted above.

Insert a media card into the Sugarlock

Once the Sugarlock is hooked up and the Sugarlock App is connected to the Sugarlock, you are ready to insert a media card. Take a media card from your Action Cam and insert it into the Sugarlock. Within seconds, Sugarlock catalogs your media card contents and displays videos organized by date and time for review:

Congratulations! You are now ready to enjoy, edit and share your sweet moments. The QUICK REFERENCE section explains the app controls and the ACCESSING KEY FEATURES section takes you through how to enjoy your videos in an immersive experience, and instantly edit and share them.


The Sugarlock App is simple to learn and use. Here is the main app screen with help text overlaid (the help text is not displayed in the app itself):

Sugarlock puts you in control of instant access to your videos. The gesture control pad is used to navigate rapidly through videos and the function buttons along the sides allow quick access to key features.


The Sugarlock unit user interface has two primary screens - the Main Screen and the Player-Editor Screen. The Main Screen enables rapid location and review of videos in a visual presentation, and the Player-Editor Screen enables full-screen immersive high-quality video playback for enjoyment and editing for sharing.

Main Screen Operation

Upon insertion of a media card, the Sugarlock unit catalogs the media card's content in a few seconds or less and presents it in a visual display in a crossbar on the main screen. Recordings are organized into days along the horizontal axis, and videos within a day are organized by time along the vertical axis. The selected video is highlighted at the intersection of the crossbar, and begins playing immediately in the preview window. When a video is selected, details including Name, Format, and Length are presented in the details panel. Below the details panel, information about the Wi-Fi network, currently connected user, media card source and media card space available are shown.

To navigate the main screen, simply Swipe Left, Right, Up and Down in the gesture control pad of the Sugarlock App to move the videos in the crossbar one by one in the direction of your swipe. As a new video is selected, it begins playing in the preview window. In this manner you can navigate and preview all of the videos on your media card very rapidly to find the one you want.

Dragging your finger in the gesture control pad enables even more rapid selection. Drag Left, Right, Up and Down and multiple videos will move across the crossbar in the direction of your drag.

When you find the video you want, simply Tap to enter full screen playback and editing.

Full Screen Playback

After tapping on a video on the main screen, Full Screen Playback and Editing mode is engaged and the Player-Editor Screen is shown:

Drag Left and Right to rapidly seek in the video. You will notice that you can seek through the whole video with high performance without lifting your finger from the phone. Simply Tap to pause and Tap to play. It's that easy!

At any time you may return to the Main Screen by pressing the BACK button. For now though, let's stay in the Player-Editor Screen and do some full screen editing.

Full Screen Editing

To begin editing, Tap to pause, and then press the CUT button to place a cut mark at the beginning of a segment you wish to share. Cut marks are shown in green:

While still paused, Drag Right to the end of your chosen segment and press the CUT button to place another cut mark:

Then Drag Left to move before your segment and Swipe Down to mark that part of the video inactive. Drag Right to move after your segment and Swipe Down again to mark that part of the video inactive as well. The second cut mark turns red showing the end of an active video segment:

You have now made your first edit! You may Tap to play and review your edit, or make as many cuts as you like:

When you're ready to share, simply press the SHARE VIDEO button and the video will be mastered and downloaded to your phone:

The edited video previews on your phone, and you may post it to Instagram or Facebook or save it to your camera roll.

Sharing Photo Snapshots

Just like sharing videos, you can also share any frame of video as a photo snapshot. First pause your video where you would like to share the frame as a photo:

Then press the SHARE PHOTO button and the frame will be captured as a photo and downloaded to your phone:


The Sugarlock App Settings allow you to connect to multiple Sugarlock units, change a Sugarlock unit's Wi-Fi settings, and cause the a Sugarlock unit to Check for Software Updates.

An important note about Sugarlock Wi-Fi

When the Sugarlock unit ships from the factory, it is set to advertise a built-in Sugarlock network with no password. It is strongly recommended that you change the Sugarlock Wi-Fi settings to connect to your home network for two reasons: (1) it is more convenient as you can operate the Sugarlock while leaving your phone connected to your Wi-Fi home network, and (2) the Sugarlock unit must be connected to the Internet in order to receive software upgrades.

A good rule of thumb is: when at home, configure your Sugarlock to use your home Wi-Fi network and when traveling, configure your Sugarlock to use the built-in Sugarlock network. To configure Wi-Fi settings on the Sugarlock unit, access App Settings within the Sugarlock App.

Accessing App Settings on the Sugarlock App

Access app settings by pressing the SETTINGS button. Note: Settings can only be accessed when the Sugarlock unit is showing the Main Screen. If the Sugarlock unit is showing the Player-Editor Screen, press the BACK button to return to the Main Screen and then press the SETTINGS button to bring up the Sugarlock App's settings screen:

Selecting and Switching Units

If there is more than one Sugarlock unit on the network, then the App Settings will display all of the units in a Unit Connection Picker. The following screenshot shows the Settings screen when two units are on the network:

To change the connected unit, simply select the unit you wish to connect to.

Accessing Sugarlock Unit Settings

To access Sugarlock Unit Settings, press the SUGARLOCK UNIT SETTINGS button on the App Settings screen. The SUGARLOCK UNIT SETTINGS button is located next to the Unit Connection Picker.

Pressing the unit settings button initiates a Wi-Fi scan on the unit whose results are displayed on the unit settings screen:

The unit settings screen allows you to change the unit's Wi-Fi Settings. You may add a password to the built-in Sugarlock network by entering it and hitting Apply.

You may also change the Wi-Fi settings to connect to your home Wi-Fi network.


When changing Wi-Fi settings, the unit will drop the connection with the Sugarlock App. After configuring Sugarlock Wi-Fi, make sure to also configure your mobile device's Wi-Fi settings to the same Wi-Fi network you configured for Sugarlock.


If you make a mistake when configuring the Sugarlock unit's Wi-Fi parameters (such as entering an invalid password by mistake), the Sugarlock App will not be able to communicate with the Sugarlock Unit. To recover from this, simply press the Setup Wi-Fi button on the back of the Sugarlock unit to restore Sugarlock's Wi-Fi to the built-in Sugarlock network with no password and then configure your mobile device to connect to the built-in Sugarlock network. You will then be able to try again.

Changing Unit Wi-Fi Settings

From the Wi-Fi picker, select your home Wi-Fi network and then enter your Wi-Fi password:

When you specify a new Wi-Fi network, Sugarlock attempts a connection to that network:

If the connection fails, press the Setup Wi-Fi button on the back of the Sugarlock unit to reset Sugarlock's Wi-Fi to the built-in Sugarlock network with no password and then configure your mobile device to connect to the built-in Sugarlock network and try again.

You can also connect to hidden networks by selecting "Other..." as the Wi-Fi network:

Checking for Software Update

When the Sugarlock unit is connected to the Internet, it will automatically update its software. You can also manually check for a software update, by pressing the Check for Update button. When you press the Check for Update button, the Sugarlock unit will check for Software Update:

If an update is available, the Sugarlock unit will download and install it.